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What's New in Grade 2! - February 2

Kisuk Kyukyit! Our grade 2s have been working really hard on our weekly artist study projects throughout January, so I wanted to start by featuring their wonderful art inspired by Monet, Seurat, Van Gogh and Kardinsky.

Other highlights over the past few weeks have been:

  • All the dinosaur themed Read Well stories! We've learned about dinosaur facts, dinosaur fossil digs and a fun story about a dog detective on the hunt for a missing dinosaur skeleton.

  • Our Chemical and Physical Changes unit and Science took on a theme this week.... Pancakes! We studied what parts of making pancakes are physical and chemical changes and then we made our own pancakes as a class treat.

  • We did our first research on Climate Zones in Social Studies, and we rose to the challenge!

  • We have started a new "Number of the Day" routine in Math to hone our number sense and familiarity with two and three digit numbers.

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