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Science Fun in Grade 2!

Science is well known to the students in grade 2 as the time when Ms. Park channels her inner Ms. Frizzle and comes up with experiments where we "take chances, make mistakes and get messy!"

Here's a recap of a couple science highlights from the past few months.

Three Little Pig inspired house engineering

At the end of our Forces and Motion unit I gave the students an applied challenge to build a house to shelter a little plastic pig from the force of the "Big, Bad Wolf" huffing and puffing (played by my hair dryer).  The creative designs and determination to protect their little pigs was something to behold!  Filled with giggles and nervous energy the students brought their creations to be put to the test by seeing if it could withstand the wind force of the hair dryer.

Snow Volcanoes

There was heaps of snow outside when we were doing our Chemistry unit, so we just had to think of a way to make something explode.... in the snow......

Enter "Snow Volcanoes" - a new twist on the classic baking soda and vinegar trick.  A good way to blow off some steam on a sunny Friday afternoon :)

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