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What's New in Grade 2: January 20

Here are some highlights of what Grade 2 friends have done over the past two weeks at Yaqan Nukiy School!

January 9-13

  • We did a short unit on studying the 7 continents! We've been updating a personal atlas to remember all the countries we have learn about in each subject.

  • We read a folk tale about ancient China called "The Emporer and the Seed" for Read Well - the moral of the story was about being honest and humble.

  • We started a unit on Instructional Writing, which is extra fun because it is the bossiest kind of writing!

  • We spent a fun day in Ms. V's class while Ms. Park was on the Spokane trip with the Grade 3s.

January 16-20

  • The primary students enjoyed a special presentation on Arctic Animals and Climate Change from the Columbia Basin Education Environmental Education Network. See the photo!

  • We wrapped up our math unit on probability and data by doing a survey of the Grade 1s and 2s of their favourite pets to apply our learning

  • We read the classic folk tale "Stone Soup" for Read Well. It was a class favourite!

  • We continued with our instructional writing unit by writing about "How to Build a Snowman". Many of the students had fun testing out their instructions on the playground in all the snow :)

  • We started a new Science unit on chemical and physical changes. This means lots of experiments are coming our way!


Ms. Park

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