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Grade 2: First Week Back!

Our grade 2s have had a fun first week back, particularly sharing stories of their holiday adventures and catching up with their friends. A New Years Resolution of mine is to get back into the habit of doing weekly summaries...... so here are the highlights of the first week of 2017 in grade 2!

  • Our Read Well unit has been another Miss Tam adventure - this time set in Hawaii! We have enjoyed the tropical theme of this story, particularly our music extension learning a Hawaiin song on the ukulele.

  • In Math we are wrapping up our Geometry unit on polygons and symmetry - quiz your child on triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons and octagons to see if they can remember how many sides and vertices each one has :)

  • We picked up where we left off with our Science unit on Forces by doing experiments in resistance from the density of the surrounding environment (ie. air, water, mud) and transfer of energy (ie. knocking things over!)

  • We are beginning an art series studying famous painters - this week we studied Claude Monet's The Japanese Bridge and made our own paintings inspired by impressionist art.

Bonus! Enjoy these photos of our class field trip to PAWS from before the winter break!

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