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Grade 2: Week of Nov. 7 Highlights

Highlights of the Week of November 7 to 11

  • We read our last chapter of our first official chapter book of grade 2 - Flat Stanley! For some of our grade 2s it was the first chapter book they had read from start to finish!

  • In the spirit of Flat Stanley we wrote letters that we will mail to real grade 2 students in Germany next week! We're excited for students on the other side of the world to read about us!

  • We wrapped up our first patterns unit in Math by making pattern art! We collected leaves, left them to dry for a day and then used wax crayons to make leaf rubbing patterns - big leaves, little leaves, smooth leaves, jagged leaves, brown leaves, green leaves, and so on :)

  • We learned about water conservation in Science, particularly focusing on what you can do at home and in common outdoor activities to use less water and not pollute water sources.

  • We practiced and performed our song for the Remembrance Day assembly - "Blowing in the Wind" by Bob Dylan. Ms. Park was proud to tell her class after how many compliments she had heard from other teachers and students about our wonderful singing!

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