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September Newsletter - An Exciting Start!

Ki’suk Kyukyit!

Our Grade 2’s have had a great first 3 weeks getting to know one another and getting

back into gear for school. I’m looking forward to a year full of laughter and learning with such a wonderful group of students! I have a couple of notes I wanted to send on now that we’re a few weeks in.


A reminder to please check your child’s agenda each evening for notices and notes written in the agenda. If you need to be in touch with me, you can send me a note in your child’s agenda – I check them every day.


Now that the Grade 2’s know our class routines we’re going to really start diving into the Grade 2 curriculum. This means there will be small amounts of homework from time to time. I don’t like to give much homework, especially to young students who need their home time to rest their minds for the next day, but I do think it’s important to have a bit of take home material to keep a home and school connection.

Each week the students will write their new spelling words for the week in their agendas. We’ve already been practicing this to get into the routine, and we will have our first spelling assessment at the end of next week. On Monday, check your child’s agenda for their spelling list and take a few moments each night to review the words with your child.

From time to time I may also give additional reading homework as part of our school’s Read Well guided reading program. This is to help your child with extra practice mastering a sound or building a particular skill before they move on to a new unit. It’s typically a small passage that you can read with your child and some questions.

Dress for the Weather

The Fall weather is starting to kick in and the days are getting chilly! Our class will be going outside for all recess breaks, and I hope to do lots of walks around Yaqan Nukiy in the Fall, so please make sure to send your child with warm clothes. Giving your child a spare set of dry clothes to keep in a bag in their cubby is a also a good idea in case they get wet at recess or lunch – we go outside every day, rain or shine or snow!

Upcoming Dates

There will be no school on Friday, September 23rd as it is a Professional Development Day.

On Monday we will be visiting Kokanee Creek Provincial Park to see the salmon run! If you haven’t already, please make sure you sign the permission form for your child. They will not be permitted to join us on the field trip if we do not have a permission form with your signature.

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